Eat food to help improve the odor of privacy!

There are odors in the privacy area, and there are several reasons for eliminating bacterial infections:


If a girl's intimate place has a taste, it will always make people feel troubled, not only affecting the overall health, but also affecting the girl's self-esteem and self-confidence. So, quickly understand the reasons and come up with countermeasures to solve this disturbing problem!


1. Physiological period: Because of the change of hormones, the pH value of the vaginal environment changes to PH7 during the physiological period. In addition, the use of sanitary napkins for a long time, humid and sultry heat can easily cause bacteria to grow, so it is particularly prone to odor.


2. Pregnancy and menopause: In addition to the physiological period, pregnancy and menopause will also change due to female hormones, resulting in weaker resistance, easy infection and odor.


3. Sexual behavior: Because the male's semen PH is about 7.5, and some bacteria will cause dyeing and odor due to sexual behavior.


4. Sweat accumulation: The sweat gland also exists in a private place. In addition to the sultry environment, it is easy to sweat and not easy to dissipate heat, and it is easy to have odor.


5. Some foods also affect the taste of privacy:


Stimulating spices, such as onions and peppers.

Red meat: High-fat red meat such as sheep, beef, pork, etc. will affect the sweat glands to give off a bad taste.

Sweets: Candida albicans likes to grow in a sugary environment.

Alcohol: Alcohol affects the pH balance of the vagina.

Many foreign legends make foods that taste better in private places.Although there is no clear scientific evidence at present, it is certain that as long as the vagina is healthy, there will be no odor.

Here are a few suggestions for food:

Maintaining pH-based foods: Balance the normal pH of the vagina and naturally have good resistance.

  1. Apple vinegar
  2. Citrus fruit
  3. pineapple
  4. Natural antibacterial food: Provides protection against pathogens.
  5. garlic
  6. almond
  7. turmeric
  8. coconut oil
  9. Sugar-free cranberry juice
  10. Supplement good bacteria: especially lactic acid bacteria, maintain a good bacterial phase balance.
  11. Greek Yogurt


To avoid the smell in the privacy, the girls remember, in addition to the usual care of the privacy of the place, coupled with the help of the diet, you can say goodbye to the smell!